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i hate everything about the Jedi code so

Outside the kill everybody for no good reason the Sith code actually makes alot more sense.

Passion does give people strength.
Only temporary strengh. True strengh comes when people arent a fraid and can see clear. Not when they are mad with rage and hate. That in fact makes alot of sense.

Which is why when Jedi die, they stay dead. Nope, no magically ghost form for them.
Its canon now, read Plagueis novel. he and sidious tried to control the midi chlorians and make themselfs imortal, by denying the midi chlorians their will and thus the natural balance, in response the force created anakin teh chosen one to bring balance to the force.
i didnt read the book, but that is what i read about it.
Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
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