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Sure i will bite.

First of what those any of that has to do with star wars episode one the phantom manace in 3 demeinal view?

Second we all know about the many mistake's made and while epesoide one if my favorite you dont have to like it.

Third there is no prove the supremme chancelor was corrupt that was just power play from palpitine and even if he was corrupt he just outlived his usefullness to the buracrats there not going risk there neck for a "employ"

fourth: We must move quikly to disable all communications down there aka avoid the republic from noticing what is going on.

Five: the entire point of episode one was to show how ineffecent the republic was.

Six: the main hero's where obi-one kanobi qui-gon-gin padme amadala and anakin skywalker
jarjar r2d2 C3PO captian panaka and smee skywalker(anakins mother) where support.

Seven: episode one is my favorite because it showed the republic befor the wars.
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