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I think that any features that introduce sexuality into this game should be optional, whether they are same or hetero sexual. for couple of reasons.

1) I know that some kids are going to play this game (one of mine does) and I would prefer to handle that part of his education myself (and yes, I do turn off General on his toons).

2) I don't want to see same sex flirt options, just as much as others want to have those options. If this feature were optional (ie having both an 'enable relationships' and 'enable same sex relationships' option in Social) those that want it can use it, those that don't want it don't have to see it.

Keep it fair, Bioware.
Yet, Opposite Gender Flirt is automatically on. But if they made SGRA & SGF a Selectable Option in the Preference Menu, then I do agree that they should make OGRA & OGF Selectable Options.

However, one potential problem to that is would either or both be automatically checked when creating a New Character?