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02.09.2012 , 01:06 PM | #1
I would like to see the disconnect limit extended in pvp so if you experience a 3-5 second internet blackout you arent immediately disconnected.

I play on a wireless connection my landlord wont let me drill holes to run a lan cable from upstairs. When the heat or ac turns on it creates a short 3-5 second interuption due to the level of ions in the air changing and creating signal degredation.

Also should a player be disconnected in pvp they need/should be able to reconnect to that game if they do so within say a minute.

It is extremely annoying when i que for pvp with my friends and i get disconnected roughly every 3-4th game and have to sit and wait to play with them again.

Not to mention this is having a huge affect on my characters pvp level progression.

Unlike other players complaining about classes being too powerfull because they wont admit that they are bad players.

This is actually a legitimate issue that needs to be addressed.

Thanks Bioware for the great game! But please stay focused on fixing the bugs.
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