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02.09.2012 , 11:28 AM | #1
Yo, BW! This needs fixing, yeah?

So I'm a fresh-faced L50 and I'm slappin' some fools about tearing up Huttball with my laser-zappy thing and at the end I see that the score-board says some dude, a Sorc (OP!) has done moar total damage than me!

So I find out I need this stuff called 'expertise' to get muh mad skillz back! *** BW??

I'm a CASUAL gamer, nerds! I don't have time to get this 'expertise'! So I play another WZ and I'm mashing buttons like a PRO, doing muh 360 box4box ladda stallz no scope railshots, yeah? U MAD BRO?? We lose, but who cares? I'm a casual gamer, I don't have time to play the objective! But I get outscored againz!

This point my beans are a-simmering, BW! I was willing to let it slide that you didn't put n00b tubes in the game but THIS? Be rewarded for putting time into something?? I would say please or thank you but I'm a casual gamer! I don't have tyme for social etiquette!

'Does it matter that other people who hit L50 after the 50-only bracket have had to grind through 3 boring WZs for weeks to get their gear which you can now get in a couple of nights?
' PFFFFT. This game is ALL about the skillz, BW! Eat some CC while I spam muh tracer dart ... oh? That CC's worn off? Have another! Tracer Dart! Tracer Dart!

'Does it matter that catering to the casuals so heavily on the PvP-side will ruin the longevity of the game in that aspect?' - Why do I care? Before December I thought PvP was a tax-form!

'But if you're given all the gear now, won't you get bored with nothing to do but grind WZ for Valor Rank 60 to get your BM gear and a 2% max stat boost?' - TROLOLOL! You think Imma be around that long?? I just want some vidz to make teh YouTubez Muney!

End of teh day, BW! I have a RIGHT to enjoy the game, no no - not the equal opportunity if I L2P, but the RIGHT. I'm loud and obnoxious so my muney is worth MOAR than every1 elses. So I'm expecting you to fix it to MY specifications (until the next COD's out!)

I'm a casual player,

Pea Soup, geeks!