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No; as I said, "changes will be made to the global cooldown and we'll bring you more information when we have a solid timeline to share." Discussions on that specific issue have been happening since early yesterday and will wrap up today. Hopefully I'll be able to share more later on when you can expect a patch, but it won't wait until March or until 1.2.

I mentioned that broader UI customization options are coming during Game Update 1.2 because many others in the thread had opinions on the UI of the game, generally.

Last but not least; add-ons are still under discussion, but there's no current timeline for when that functionality might be implemented. While add-ons would give a lot more potential options (assuming a robust add-on community), there will still always be many people who want to use the game's default UI (new players, for example!). Therefore it's important for us to ensure the UI that we have works well, hence our ongoing development and expansion of UI options.
Is there a way we can make these addons available by the official website? Third party sites like were shady and I'm pretty sure they were the reason I got hacked back before the Authenticator came out.
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