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02.09.2012 , 06:06 AM | #1
ok i know now bioware have now gave us champion tokens from champion bags but descreased the chances of getting a full peice.

but i know how annoyed people would be to finaly get a peice of gear out of a bag for it to be something they already have.

so i came up with the idea to be able to sell the item token to the pvp vendors for 10 to 15 champion comms each peice if you open a bag to find you already have that peice.or so you can either trade it in at the pvp vendor for 15 champion comms or put it on your companion.

now i know what your saying it might be to many,but think of it as a rare occasion you get a full peice out of a champion bag to hand that peice in for 15 champion comms.

an idea to be thaught about that would defunatly be intresting to see added in the game