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12.15.2011 , 06:50 AM | #4
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those cutscenes and the answer-system are just annoying after the first run

that is nothing that i wish to see in a dungeon, where i mainly in to farm gear or exp
Easy way to fix it would be to expand the 'space bar' functionality. Let me explain. Currently the space bar takes you up to the point were everyone 'chooses' their action. I think it should go as such. If *Everyone* chooses to hit the space bar it should simply randomize the selection moving to the next scene and so on. If only but one person 'chooses' not to 'space bar', the cut scene would progress as normal. This would allow even but one person who has not seen this particular dialogue the veto power to watch it. If everyone agree's to just blast past it, well then skipping away should be an option.