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Yea a lot of people make life pretty difficult for even a good healer.

1) If I heal you, Don't think you are the only one I'm healing... We are not best buds now, You still need to play smart and I will not abandon everyone so you can run into a mass of the enemy and try to get kills.

2) Notice If you are getting Heal ticks or bubbles on yourself... That is your Queue to stand and fight. Do not continue to run away or leave my LOS... You are killing yourself.

3) Peel enemies off me please.

1) Yeah, that is just dumb for people to do in general. 4 or 5 on 1 s a death sentence regardless of heals.

3) You do realize that no one can truely peel enemies off of you right? The best I can do is root them or stun them so you can move out of range of them. If they want to continue to attack you they will do so no matter what action I take. Best scenario is that my DPS is enough to drop them but if they are getting heals that can be tough to do.

Quote: Originally Posted by Dzhokhar View Post
The thread is "how to help your healer", not "how non-healers think healers should heal". With respect to healers healing themselves vs. their groupmates: a healer can't heal you if he isn't alive.

Your example is a pretty rare case in my experience. The healer that's supposedly healing himself when he's at 80% and you're at 20% might be doing one of the following and you'd have no way of knowing:
1) He might be healing somebody else who's also at 20%.
2) He might be out of LoS or Range relative to you (very likely in my experience).
3) He might be actively taking damage and only at 80% because the healing is keeping him there (and he would die in seconds if he stopped healing himself).
4) He might be healing himself because a healer whose health is below 100% becomes a target for opportunistic DPS very quickly.
5) He might be unable to find you in his operation frame because your Legacy name is displayed as a surname (or because players occasionally don't show up in the operation frame at all).
6) Even if you see his health going up, that doesn't mean he's self-healing or using heals that could be used on you instead (

If you do have a way of knowing, then you should be paying attention to what you're doing instead of watching everybody else's health and action bars.

Edit: Also, if you have guard on a healer, he should be following you, not the other way around. You definitely need to tell him you're the one who's guarding him.

Ok I guess I will just take these one by one haha

1) He isn't healing someone else it is a pretty simple task to watch the animations to see what the healer is doing for instance a Kolto comming flying in over his head and then his health going up to full.

2) In almost all the scenarios I am talking about I am standing right by the healer (within 15m) and can quite clearly see what he is doing which means I am definately in line of sight or maybe he needs to rotate at worst but there is NO terrain in the way.

3) If the healer is taking such massive damage I am also taking massive damage and will go down in seconds (Guard does not prevent damage it transfers it). Learn to shift healing targets faster so that you can drop a heal on the guy next to you. Seriously I know it can be done, see healers do it all the time (good ones at least).

4) A healer who doesn't have guard on him is an oppertunitity for DPS. Also you are already being attacked and 25% of that damage is being transfered to me. That is the scenario we are talking about here.

5) Again I am usually standing RIGHT next to the healer you can see my name clear as day. If you can't see someone standing next to you then you have a larger problem.

6) Again if you are paying attention to the animations it is easy to tell if he is healing himself or not. Seriously it is not hard to notice a commando bust out the datapad punch in numbers and see the probe fly in over their head and heal them. I am right next to them trying to kill that Marauder who is hitting them and hoping that my DPSers can drop whoever is healing the Marauder.

Also I don't need to look at your action bar to know what you are doing, there are animations that give me that information.

Really the healer needs to go to where the DPSers need heals. I only exclusively guard the healer on my vanguard because I am a RANGED tank which means that I don't need to be in the thick of things to get my DPS in. I can stand back with the healer. The healer needs to position themselves in areas that are good for healing the group which I will have a much harder time telling then they will (Seriosuly if I know where the healer needs to be to heal I might as well roll a heal bot and bring them with me lol)

If I am on my guardian I rotate my guard as best as I can to whever is close to me and getting focus fired on. Sometimes this is a healer, sometimes this is a DPSer, sometimes it is a tank who doesn't have guard up.