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My point is that it's impossible to keep the GROUP alive if YOU are dead. Please remember that I didn't say that you should only heal yourself.....I did say that you should usually prioritize yourself first for heals because when you go down, your team goes down. As with anything, it's not completely black and white, but I think any reasonably intelligent person ought to be able to figure out that much for themselves, so it goes without saying.

I figured it was obvious that you should target someone who's about to die before you target yourself if you're not in danger of dying imminently.
You would think that but it is the exact problem we are talking about here. There are LOTS of healers out there that will heal themselves up to 100 before dropping a heal on the tank. It is rediculous. As for telling the healer I have them guarded that just comes down to situational awareness and really doesn't matter. It is fairly easy to identify the person guarding you as they will be the one trying to stay within 15m of you and likely trying to peel whatever is attacking you. This is of course assuming the tank is halfway decent. If they aren't then they probably don't deserve the heals anyway In the end though a healer should not be healing themselves when they are at 80% and their tank or DPS is much lower than that regardless of guards.

Also I find it funny when people call for peels in PvP. You can't peel in PvP as there is NOTHING I can do to force there DPS or Tank to attack me instead of you. The only thing I can do is try and kill him before he kills you. If he has a healer healing him this may be almost impossible for me to do.