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I had a feeling that this "bug" on Ilum was actually not a bug but perhaps a silent way of them fixing the exploit of valor farming. Problem is, why didn't they mention this in the patch notes or as a separate post? There is an EASY fix to stop Ilum valor farming, cap all valor gained on Ilum from killing players to a certain number...say...100, and thats all you get within a 24 hour period. That will certainly discourage the valor farming, if your not getting valor past a certain point why stand around a kill each other for hours?
How will that fix kill trading at all? This would just give those kill trading a reason to have groups meeting at predetermined times everyday to get their hundred kills worth valor in then they would leave and come back the next day and do it again, and again, and again.

Your solution would actually cause things to take longer for people doing their weekly/dailies in ilum legit as the kill traders would be gone after a certain amount of time.

Whatever they did to "fix" kill trading has completely borked ilum and the problems seem different from server to server.

Like I said in my earlier post. Twin Spears yesterday around 3:30pm. I get to ilum, get about 20 kills that count for nothing, in this time I died at least five times and was dc'd once. Still no kills I got counted towards valor or quests. Then around maybe 7:00pm or 8:00pm everyone in ilum was kicked to their character select screen. We logged back in and people were worth valor and updates to quests again. We were still in ilum 1, but soon after I guess people got the word and ilum 2 and 3 opened up. People were getting kills on all three instances, but it seemed like the 2 or 3 minute valor cd was still in effect which was fine cause it was just the way it was before the patch.

Today I haven't been able to log on so I hope that it is still working like it did last night when everyone in ilum got kicked.