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02.08.2012 , 01:39 PM | #662
I had a feeling that this "bug" on Ilum was actually not a bug but perhaps a silent way of them fixing the exploit of valor farming. Problem is, why didn't they mention this in the patch notes or as a separate post? There is an EASY fix to stop Ilum valor farming, cap all valor gained on Ilum from killing players to a certain number...say...100, and thats all you get within a 24 hour period. That will certainly discourage the valor farming, if your not getting valor past a certain point why stand around and kill each other for hours?

Other suggestions to make Ilum better would be to place arms not only in center, but ALL over that section of the map, including North, South, and the bases. Funneling everyone to center if you have all these players in one spot, including your own allies, it makes getting these drops take forever because your actually competing against your own faction.
Makes no sense.
I would love to actually play the game but half the time I am either stunned, frozen, dazed, knock down, knock backed, whirlwind-ed, ensnared, shocked, or slowed to play the game.