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12.15.2011 , 06:32 AM | #2
I agree. The first 5 times. Now in 4 months being level 50, and having to watch those very same cut scenes over and over again whilst farming gear, that concerns me. However they did add a purpose to the whole experience via social rewards. Leaving you wanting to see everyone's one liners, and otherworldly cruelty towards npc's. But how long before we all reach the point were speed becomes more of the driving factor to our runs, over the flash points more aesthetic qualities. Not qq, just saying, it's something to consider long term.

Edit: I love how everyone is apparent visually during the whole process as well. For example for guys (or gals) walk up to an npc to start a cut scene. They are not always just standing there. Sometimes there leaning up against a desk, or off to the side, tossing their guns in and out of their holsters. The whole concept of the flash point, well it leaves me walking away feeling like "I" just participated in something awesome with 3 other people. And I must say is nothing short of amazing.