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Considering that most dual sabers were basically 2 single blade sabers connected at the Pommel there's no reason you couldn't have 2 colors. Pretty much every time I've seen a dual saber split in two, both halves continue working independantly. That means two hilts, 2 power sources, 2 focusing crystals.
Agreed. There are situations where this is not the case, but I agree with you.

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Just because no existing media shows a dual colored dual saber doesn't mean it couldn't be made. Your argument that you need to have existing media showing it before it can exist means that the world followed your philosophy we'd all still be living in a cave entertaining ourselves with rocks and twigs and there would never be any progress.
That was a fantastic uppercut you landed on that straw man. Bravo.

I haven't argued that its not possible. I simply said that it would be trivial to convince people to make this change once we show everyone a nice collection of some of the times that this has been used in the universe.

I'm not saying that we need to get a petition or show me quotes from Lucas or see model schematics. A scan of a few comics would be fine, or a few quotes from EU books.

That's easy, right? It's not like I'm saying we need to prove that Darth Maul was going to have a red/gold saber but it was scrapped because of special effects budget problems. We just need to show that Darth DidUrMom the Mercileess who is currently standing outside some doorway on Nar Shaddaa begging for someone to help him wasn't the creator of this particular lightsaber fad.

Of course... maybe that would make more sense if it were true.

Here's another thought: I want a light-trident. Surely if we can make multi-hilt lightsabers and short-lightsabers, then we can mount three short lightsabers on the end of a staff to make a trident. Why not add that into the game? Obviously you can't argue against it because it's very possible, and arguing against things that are possible is the same as arguing against all forms of technological progress.