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02.08.2012 , 12:24 PM | #74
I'll have to go for "terrible", but I'd rather vote between that and good.

The change seems very heavy-handed with fat inelegant borders around the icons, and it introduces a LOT of visual noise to the UI, with a good bunch of elements starting for flash a lot. In comparison, cooldown indicators in other games manage to convey the same or more information without basically flashing the entire screen, so go forth and ste^W be inspired!

In the long run, maybe experiment with a more visible, optional, and click-through global indicator centered around the PC, showing global cooldown and times for some important cooldown groups (medipacks!) around the character. A quick net search shows the WoW addon IceHUD as an example, but maybe not quite as annoying and limited to CD and maybe health. (The really popping and annoying UI elements can be left as an exercise to the modders once customisation is in place.) To be useful and have acceptance this will need at least the customisation facilities shown in the last video so players can move it around, resize it, and change opacity.