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As a healer (Sith Sorc and a Jedi Sage) I generally keep my bubble on myself and keep my HoT ticking on myself even when I'm not under attack. I call it preventative medicine. That way when I do get attacked there is a little mitigation in place and my other heals have their bonus in place thanks to the HoT I just cast. It took some time to develop the habit, but it pays off in the long run especially since you can take a punch or two thanks to your bubble and the HoT before you have to pull up stakes and run for it.

I try and hold my Force Speed until I need it to kite away from DPS. This is helped by making sure you set up in the right spot where you have good situational awareness. That means that the WHOLE PLAY is in front of you. The most dangerous enemy is the one to your side or your back out of view. This way if the pack breaks off your tank and starts towards you, you can pop Force Speed and away you go.

I consider it my responsibility to let my Tank know I'm under attack and need a peel. If I don't let the tank know I'm in trouble and we both die, that's my fault. Its not fair to expect them to get on their target and do their job and watch my health bar at the same time.

The one thing I would caution tanks about is Force Jump. Only use it when you're facing single enemies. When you Force Jump into the middle of a pile of enemies, you're going to die, which is bad. The other problem is when you Force Jump you're more than likely going to jump out of heal range and that will require the healer to step up out of the nice hidey hole they've found to heal you from and expose themselves to the pile of enemies that just ate your lunch. Then you'll both die and that's really bad. I know the ol' Tigger Bounce is a fun move and it looks epic as you go flying through the air with Light Saber's blazing, but then you come back to earth and your just a fool with a glowy stick standing in hip deep in enemies with lots of sharp, pointy things. Save Force Jump to pounce on the kiting enemy healer.

A good rule of thumb for all tanks and DPS ... First on the Charge is First to the Morgue. Stay patient and make your enemies charge you so your healers can set up and do their work at a safe distance from the enemies DPS.