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Kiting is useless in this game for a number of reasons.

As a commando healer, I have one heal that can be casted on the move and kolto bomb is only good for the buff it gives. So if I choose to run, I am effectively CCing myself because it is likely that ranged and melee attackers will still be able to do some form of damage to me while I am on the run and unable to heal myself.

Or I will run into a bigger crowd of people.

The only exception to this is when I can safely run around a pillar or something while the other player is snared.
I have the same problem. I'm totally useless on the run. This actually brings us back to how to help your healer:
Try to stay in one general area if you're in combat. I can't follow you across the map and heal you at the same time if you're kiting someone (or being kited).