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Anyone experiencing the strange difference in performance between outdoors areas and indoors? I got easly 50-60fps on planets but when when moving to indoors areas (cantinas, stations, sometimes flashpoints, caves, etc.) which supposed to be graphically less demanding, my fps drops to meager 15-20, sometimes 30. The FPS drop is sometimes accompanied by this werid and VERY annoying feeling of camera inertia when looking around.
Is Bioware aware of this fact? I know at least two other people who have similar problems. I must say thet SWTOR is probably the first game I play that has less FPS indoors than outdoors...
I too am experiencing a lower FPS while indoors, and in flashpoints. I had no lag during beta test weekends, which was something i enjoyed about the game, but now I'm experiencing alot of lag while indoors, I tried the esseles flash point and my group had things killed before I was even able to get a shot off due to the lag. I turned all my graphics down to see if that would help, and it did not. I also noticed the graphic options are different then they were in beta.