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I know it's sound ideaology, but a completely free market will inflate to the degree that a person can feasibly farm resources and credits in a day's time. This creates a market of opportunity for the "gold farmers" and for people that play all day long.

People complain because gouging and cornering a market will inevitably create inflation. WoW is an example of how you can't participate in the market unless you spend more than "casual" play time online to earn a living in-game.

Be it what it is, there's no way to stop predatory pricing or gouging in a video game, other than "tokens" for the best commodities. The gold farmers and those that play 10+ hours per day will engage more than anyone else in the supply and demand of your server, and they will control the prices of your commodities.

I'm not saying you're wrong, but you should at least see the other side of your argument for what it is.
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