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You guys are going to ruin this game... The RE chance should not be increased, it should be DECREASED. Try to think for one second about the market and not just your own instant gratification.
You're the one not thinking about the market. Currently there are very few RE-ed purple items on the market because it takes so long to get them. In fact, it takes so long and costs so much that people are discouraged from even trying. By the time you DO get a meaningful purple item/mod you've long since surpassed it with rakata/battlemaster gear and don't even think to market it. The marketing system in this game can only benefit from having RE-ed schematics more easy to obtain. It is YOU who are thinking about your own gratification for already having these schematics because you have more time to put into crafting than the rest of us do. We don't want a second job. We want a game.
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