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My question for the people saying that this is just bad luck is, have you tried since the patch?
I do a ton of REs daily as a Armormech. Today I REd 10 Blue boots and got a purple on the 4th boot REd. Luckly it was a purple I Could work with so I crafted no additional blues to RE.

My worst streak was a Purple Implant I was after. It took roughly 250 REs to get the purple I was after, which was the 3rd purple I received (the first two being trash purples).

I'm super tempted to RE the Redoubt Elite Vanguard Purple I currently have to get it to Veracity level. 4 Irons a piece, it's quite the gample but the payoff could be huge. If I got it to Veracity, it would have to be best in slot for shield and defence for helms. Ug thats a lot to gample though. :-/
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