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Originally Posted by Evuke
dear healers, if a tank guards you HEAL them.

tbh i've given up guarding healers in wz's on my juggy because they don't heal me.

i'll guard the healer, the healer will start getting damaged, he will spam heals on himself when he's at 80% health (most healers seem to panic when they are taking damage and ignore everyone except themselves, or try and run off) meanwhile i am at 20% health from taking his damage and he's ignoring me completely.

i know it's hard to understand, but healing me is like healing yourself, and if you're a sorc put a bubble on me too, it's like a double bubble
I heal tanks more than I do myself because after being guarded a few times, I realized that they are squishier than me with guard up. I think a lot of healers aren't used to being guarded, and the normal healer reaction is to start healing when they see the health bar start dropping.

I'm guessing they are trying to anticipate a huge damage spike incoming, which isn't all too uncommon for healers in WZs. They probably just aren't too used to being guarded. I've run hundreds of WZs and been guarded maybe 30 times. It took some getting used to the first few times.