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02.07.2012 , 06:43 PM | #27
Unless you're a merc, or I know from past experience that you're absolutely amazing, you're not getting my Guard because whatever contribution you do is unlikely to be enough for me to risk my HPs.

If someone is on you I will kill them. It may not show upa s Protection but it definitely saves you.

If I throw the Huttball to you, it is usually for a good reason. Pick up the ball and start moving, even if you're a Merc who has no ability to run the ball until you see someone in front of you.

This isn't a game where healers are the center of the universe. A guarded healer that isn't a merc is an easy kill against strong DPS. Guarding someone just because he's a healer is a very reliable way to lose more games than you should.