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dear healers, if a tank guards you HEAL them.

tbh i've given up guarding healers in wz's on my juggy because they don't heal me.

i'll guard the healer, the healer will start getting damaged, he will spam heals on himself when he's at 80% health (most healers seem to panic when they are taking damage and ignore everyone except themselves, or try and run off) meanwhile i am at 20% health from taking his damage and he's ignoring me completely.

i know it's hard to understand, but healing me is like healing yourself, and if you're a sorc put a bubble on me too, it's like a double bubble
1) Unless you tell them that you're guarding them there is no way to know exactly who it is that is gaurding you because the icon doesn't list a specific name.

2) I run with a tank that dies a lot because he guards me and I frequently don't heal him. I don't heal him and I don't heal myself either. I generally focus on healing DPS and then the tank and then myself.

My friend has probably died 2,000+ times because he is guarding me and he has never complained at all because he knows I am still doing my job and he is still earning lots of medals from guarding me.

Tanks get more medals from just using GUARD then healers do for healing.
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