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You and many others have been delt with. However making claims and demanding something wont get you anywhere. There is a yellow post saying the issue was being looked into but thats not good enough for most people so they keep posting and posting and making claim after claim. If you work providing customers service then you should know that some people with call multiple times a day with the same issue even after you have told the person what to do to fix the issue or you told them you would look into it.

I understand people dont care and those people also are narrow minded and need to chill.
First of all, I don't have All day to wait for them to fix this problem, I hope that they are acknowledging that it is a problem because I always complete my Dailies, and this will mark the first time that I can't.
I work till 6pm every day, i got a few hours to get my dailies done, now that its impossible to do, what do you want me to do. Forget about the daily , the only daily that provides me with Battlemaster bags that I can't get anywhere else.

Come on, all i want to know is if Bioware needs time to put up a hot fix then atleast give us a free daily completion. I can still get the weekly the next 6 days, but atleast inform the public that everyone will be rewarded their dailies so that we can give them enough time to get a hot fix out.

But currently It seems that only the Imperials will get their dailies done, because they are camping the central node and collecting the armnaments. ( remember even if it takes hours, they are still getting it done, only the republics can't get their dailies done )