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Ok here is the deal it's as equally hard for the tanks and healers to get their game on in PUG WZ.

Now good Tanks and Healers should automatically clock one another and asses the whole group within those first few seconds before the proverbial hits the fan.

During this time Tank and Healer don't need to speak to each other as they know whats going down, however I would recommend making yourself know to your fellow breth·ren.

For the DPS classes take this time to get familiarised with the healers and other classes. You might see you only have one healer in which case you need to peel from them where possible. You could always ask your OPS Leader to mark the healer to help identify him/her.

Then this is where the art comes into it.

Healing is not whack a mole! And is very situational, plus you get a lot of line of sight issues... the list goes on. I Tank and Heal but there are far better healers out there than me and when I see the work they do for what little thanks they get..... I salute you!

So communication at the start of your WZ is always the best strategy. Come up with a defence & attack plan then change it on the fly if it's not working.

Healers do have a lot work to do it's skill,art. with sudden onsets of epiphanies, my wife is an awesome healer and now she's got me into it and I can empathise now.
The marking of people appears to be broken although i havent checked it since last patch.
it was working once per log on at one point but now doesn't work at all.

thats way i say use sparkle dust or something to get people to see you.
maybe we can work out some basic calls.
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