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Just wanted to say that I am thrilled to see a post like this on the PvP forums! Thank you everyone who's posted so far.

I'm a healer too, but I split my time between attacking and healing. I rarely function as a healbot for any one player, unless we're both guarding the same objective in Aldaraan or Voidstar.

My primary goal is to win the match, so I'll also stop healing to shoot at cappers, run to an unguarded door, slow down the opposing ball carrier, or get into a better position to receive a pass when we have the ball. That means that I'm much more likely to heal people who are doing the same things. If I know that you'll take care of the Imperials who are trying to place a bomb or take over a turret, then I'm happy to ignore them and focus on keeping you alive. But I have to trust you first.

I would also encourage people who want healing to stay within 30 meters of cover. That's the maximum range for most heals. I, and many of the other healers I know, like to lurk near pillars, corners and similar line-of-sight-blocking obstacles. They hide us from view and give somewhere to retreat when we're attacked. We're reluctant to run into the open to heal you.

Finally, if you see a healer run out into the open, look to see if someone's chasing them. They may be bringing you a new chew toy.
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