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Hey, great guide. Thanks for taking the time to do it.
What three skills would you recommend for a Consular if you also wanted some decent profit?
I can't really give you advice on which skills will make you the most money, as I've said before. As for which skills will give you the best bonuses, please refer to my guide. Thank you for your interest.

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i was doing the same thing when i stumbled on to this page, glad i found it and great work. looked all over for this info. btw i noticed you didnt list the smuggler on the overall section for slicing, with a companion that has a +1 crit.
I don't understand what you mean... the +1 crit is not better than the alternatives which is why it is not listed there. Unless you meant something else? Could you send me a PM with specific info, preferably with the specific section it's missing from? Thanks.