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There are 3 sets of known modable belts and bracers for each class. Each set having a certain level requirement to use them. There are level 15, 34, and 42 sets that I have seen and had dropped. They are extremely rare drops on pretty much all planets, but will probably have better chances in farming out the level appropriate planets. Taris for the Republic side being the easiest one to farm for the level 15 set as it is the lowest level and easiest to clean out as a level 50. Might take you a good many hours to come across just one. I was buying these suckers up left and right from the GTN early on before anyone knew about them or how rare they were. I still occasionally see a piece up on the GTN for 600 creds from the new player that doesn't know the pound of gold they are sitting on.

There is of course the light belt from the Fleet Comms vendor for 60 comms. Unless your a tank, it being light shouldn't really bother you to much for PVE.

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