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I'd love to find a laptop manufacturer that makes trackpads even near as good as Apple does. Even if you were right about the panels used in Macbooks (a quick glance at Dell or HP says you aren't, but whatever).

Depends on the model you are looking at. Apple only makes a couple of models, other manufs make tons of different models.

Dell, Gateway, and HP use the same trackpad apple does in some of their models. And I'm not wrong on the panels. A website isnt going to give you the same information as taking one apart and actually seeing exactly what's inside it will. Which I do on a daily basis.

If you want to delude yourself into thinking you are somehow getting superior hardware to other PC makers by buying a Mac and paying a premium for it, then by all means don't let me stop you. I am quite complacent in my knowledge of the truth.

If you ever happen to be in China, go tour the Foxconn factory. I'm sure you will find the experience to be *very* illuminating.
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