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02.07.2012 , 01:20 AM | #33
Palpatine. End of discussion for for powers, for light saber combat, for just about everything.

Force Storm? How has no one mentioned this?

Not the lame one in game, the one that spawns a BLACK HOLE.

it can eat planets, entire star fleets, transport people through time and space, send people into the past, future, from LIGHTYEARS away.

Black Hole > rock, paper, scissor, skywalker(s) et al.

Luke tried to stop his force storm alone and could not. It took a combined effort with Leia to turn it against Palpatine.

Or how about controlling the force enough to cloud the force sight of The ENTIRE Jedi Order. Literally blinding their ability to see the future, all without breaking a sweat.

For god sake, Palpatine is known for having access to every possible force power, and conceiving new ones at will. C'mon people!

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