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Most of what you say is good. However the Republic got together on Vulkar and outnumbered the Imps by quite a margin and the imps rolled them twice without much trouble. Why? Simply because the Imps were better. The pubs failed to charge and kept falling back and losing numbers. They were tentative.

Come on folks it is a game and there is no penalty for getting killed. Attack!

There are many times where the pubs have far more numbers holed up in their base and they just sit there and get pulled and picked off for what seems likes hours.

Ever heard of out flanking? There are two doors at the base....Use the other one for a change.

Base sitting is a bore. The open field combat is fun even if you get stomped a couple of times.

Why have objectives if you don't get anything other than a buff for keeping them?
Please don't generalize experiences from your server to overall situations :>

Just today, we (at Luka Sene) had a really epic lagf^H^H^H^Hbattle on Ilum. Was about 30 vs 30 at times. What made it really fun was even numbers and multiple strategies employed. In fact, many of the things I described in this post were actually taking place: capping additional objectives with smaller groups (for valor), scouts reporting the composition and movement of enemy forces, plus there was really good communication, tactics, flanking and so on. There were really epic battles, some raging on for about 10 minutes with neither side getting any definite advantage and too many kills done, with repositioning, using terrain, flanking, diversions and so on. This was all done from the scratch from two people sitting in Ilum saying "hey, let's get an ops group together" - no premade, no teamspeak, total pug mode.

Nevertheless, my proposal is more about making it reasonable for servers where the faction balance is not as good (and even on our server, the fun is only for so long as imperials don't get 50+ people on, as then we cannot really match their numbers and it becomes a base camp / pull single people in for autokills) and also rewarding strategic play (at the moment, scouts are pretty much shafted since they often report vital information, but don't get any recognition for it as they are often killed before the battle and/or don't get to the battlefield soon enough).
Ilum PvP proposal - read here