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02.06.2012 , 04:11 PM | #8
I don't get the error in the thread title but I do get the same symptoms plus the generic Error 9000.

Basically I can load the game fine and play for about 5 minutes and then my ping SKYROCKETS and if it stays that way for too long the game disconnects me from the server and sends me back to Server Select.

The game has been FINE up till Friday Feb 03 when this error first appeared. Everything else works fine, I can surf the net and I can play Team Fortress 2 for hours.

But this game, and only this game, is now for some reason losing connection.

I looked up the patch notes and it seems they recently claimed to have tweaked it so this no longer happens to people but I suspect whatever they changed has screwed it up for us. All the other threads that contain everyones details have no connection which strongly backs up this claim that it's Biowares side of the fault and that they are the ones who need to revert back to an older patch before this happened.
Link to fix bad framerates below: