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This is a pretty good debate, because, honestly there's no way to know. Power comes in many forms.

You could say Starkiller (Galen Marek) but then you could say his Force powers are merely the result of the extreme, it doesn't make him the most powerful. Someone could still manipulate him to their will, such as Vader did successfully. So does that make Vader more powerful?

Starkiller fights Vader twice but doesn't slay him, but Luke does defeat him so is Luke more powerful then Starkiller? A matter of interpretation as Obi-wan would say 'from a certain point of view'.

Revan was powerful, extremely powerful. He defeated so many Mandalorians, so many Jedi, and so many Sith. He was both a Dark Lord of the Sith, and a Jedi Master. He understood the Force better then anyone having come back form darkness and having survived it.

He went to Dromund Kaas, slew a powerful dark council member with little effort, and then after being captured held the Sith Emperor at bay for 300 years as around the time of the Revan novel the empire was already planning to launch its first assault.

However some could argue he was just destined for greatness, not necessarily the most powerful but one of the most effective Force users out there who's actions were just as galaxy shape changing as Anakin or Cade Skywalkers.

Then there's Cade himself, the first person who figures out how to bring someone back from the dead via the Force, something that Anakin wanted to learn from Sidious but Palpating had never learned it from Plagueis. Cade brings several back from the dead, saves them, not wanting to lose anyone like his great great grandfather. He is also a powerful Jedi, even uses Force lightning, even powerful enough to 'fake' becoming Sith in Darth Krayts Empire.

However even the most powerful abilities can be turned against their origins. Krayt discovers how to come back from the dead and does so with a renewed body when Darth Wyyrlock betrays him, he then kills Wyyrlock taking back his empire and is only defeated after Cade seemingly slays Krayts self healing body and then has to run his ship with krayts body aboard into a nearby star to make sure Krayt stays dead.

Then there's Anakin Skywalker himself who would have been the most powerful Jedi who ever lived if he had not betrayed the Republic and the Order, if Palpatine hadn't twisted him to his will. As Lucas said when Anakin is decimated by Obi-wan in their duel on Mustafar and subsequently put into a cybernetic suit, he looses about half of his power and is perhaps eighty percent as powerful as the Emperor, had he not been damaged so badly he would have been twice as powerful as any Sith, any Jedi. That and there was also a mental block it has been discussed that kept him from discovering his true potential cyborg or that his grief, self-loathing had him stuck in what he thought was as far as he could go if he could have focused and channeled the Force through him he may have been still able to reach his full potential but regret took hold as dark as he was as evil as he had become he still regretted his actions for twenty years and was always looking for a way to destroy Palpatine. Whether because he wanted to rule the Empire or use that one act to redeem his actions by destroying the monster that created his own monstrosity is unknown. However it so happens that he does do it in Return of the Jedi as he returns to the Light and is a Jedi again for the brief time period between Palpatines death and his own where he tells Luke he was right. He is a Jedi again. (hence why its called Return of the Jedi as Luke is just becoming a Jedi not returning as a Jedi so the title wouldn't be about him).

All in all each character you could list did something great, whether for good or evil, in the Force. Arguing who was the most powerful by pointing out their specific acts is fine except that just because Starkiller could Force push ten people at a time doesn't mean he's more powerful then the puppet who manipulates and pulls his strings as an example.