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Me and my room-mate are going to be playing the game together. I was going to go Artiface because I'm playing a Juggernaught and she's playing an Assassin, so I figured that would cover our weapons. She was going to go Synthweaving for our armor, because we thought it made mods for custom armour sets. Now I'm reading that it's Cybertech that will actually make the mods.
Well, I'm a little confused. What's the best crafting skill for her to take, so we can have some sweet looking custom gear, and the mods to keep it up to date?
As force users, Artiface has the mods you are looking for. If you need more clarification has a really good database for your crafting needs.

For clarification Cybertech has armor mods Artiface has weapon mods. Weapon mods usually have a bigger influence on stats then armor, but Tor could be the exception.