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After deciphering what it is you just wrote here, I still have no idea what you're getting at. Addons are not bots. There is no argument here. It's just not true.

And Blizzard banned people who used addons? Raiders were using meters in MC.
To be fair at the very beginning you could write an addon that would allow you to bot in was actually pretty cool way to get if you were questing and needed to get to the nearest flight would just create a path with a starting point.....when you used the addon...your character would run straight to the starting point you set up on the map....then follow your waypoints to the flightpoint was super useful

couple that with that auto combat addon that someone else created....and you have a bot.

And yes, people were banned for it...

That being said, I personally think there should be a hard limit on what you can have for an addon....or a dps meter that you can't post in any form of chat...or it's own special channel that you can ignore. (I like the dbm but I don't think it's necessary, I especially hate the spammyness of it).

A metrics website is also useful