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So I found a shuttle and hid in the cargo bay. Typical hiding place, but this one being as small as it is - no bigger than a small patrol craft or interceptor - really didn't leave me many options. The crew found me, but they promised to not tell anyone who I was, either. Their price was a tidy sum of two thousand credits and it was a little bit more than I had hoped to be digging into my pocket for at this point, but it was my only real option. Well, that, or get caught.

They claim they're going to Alderaan. ****, just my luck. Another warzone. I may need to see if House Rist won't help a fellow agent when they need it. I have good will with some of their officers, so its a shot. If that doesn't work out, I'm going to need to find a ride and I'll need it fast. I hate putting all of my cards into one hand, but Alderaan politics are just too toxic and my presence makes it likely I'd become a bargaining chip pretty quick if it becomes public and I get caught. Rule number one of this business is to never become the pawn and asset of another, more unpredictable entity.

Theres a chance I could approach the Organa's, except they're way too close to the Republic chain of command. Since I can't trust the Republic for the moment, the Organa's can't be treated any better. Its best I keep out of their eyesight just to be sure. Thats the problem with situations like these, people who you would normally want at your side, can't be seen as reliable. They're too prone to turn you over or hand you off to people you can trust even less.

For now, the plan remains unchanged, this could work out well enough if House Rist is amicible, and I think they will be since I've cooperated with them before and they know me. If that works out, I'll be able to get a shuttle out to the outer rim or hutt space. I should have a plan "B", but I don't. Those are for when or if I get caught and thrown in a cell. Most would call this sloppy spycraft, but I don't have the support I normally do. Most people don't realise that even a single spy requires huge amounts of backing, and without it, they're basically naked.

Most people would call me needlessly paranoid, I call myself cautious.
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