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I never said he was perfect, and its fine the book was written with qoutes from him. You can find qoutes written every where and some may be qoutes from him some not. I can write a quote for you now and say it is from him. I geuss its not possible for someone who writes a book to be fallible.

Your resorting to name calling and you say im being stupid and ignorant. Childish, does it really matter so much that you have to get that angry.
You really don't get it. I mean you fundamentally don't understand. Every direct quote the author uses is cited and referenced, because if an author uses direct quotes that a person did not actually say, then they can be immediately sued for libel, and no publisher would touch that book with a ten-foot pole. Bottom line: you can't publish a false quote and claim it's from him. It's illegal.

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On the subject of the other qeustion, you cant change what you wrote first and you assumed I was asking so I could tell you you have no right to have a opinion. Everyone deserves the right to a opinion .Was just asking a qeustion all you had to do was awnser that qeustion. Instead you made an assumption about why I was asking.
It's ironic you'd call me childish then follow up with this. I admitted I was mistaken and answered your question. The mature thing to do would be to acknowledge that and stop carrying on about it.

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When it comes down to it George Lucas owns the IP. He can erase the original story all the way back to the begining to reboot the franchise and do six whole new movies if he wants to. Who am I to argue? He is a billion dollar idea man. I am just someone that paid to see his films and read the messy EU books.

He might do it to strike at the world. He might do it because he wants to meet some new artistic vision or clean up the deacades worth of accumulated mess currently called continuity. Maybe its a money thing or some combination of it all. It doesn't matter.

What he can't do is kill the childhood dreams and story that resulted from his work back then. Regardless of if I buy into any new material. I guess, somewhere along the way in me it became my story rather than his and I can do with it what I want to, too. lol.
I agree with you on this. My key frustration has been his refusal to allow remastering and distribution of the original films, especially considering professional film historians have offered to do it for free to prevent loss of a core piece of cinematic history.
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