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You understand what a add on is right its a mod take danger boss mod for dbm. Ever notice when you download say dbm a dps meter and god knows what else you use they ask for a donation. They ask because some programer wrote the script for that "mod" and hes not allowed to charge for it since the said company can turn around and sue if the programar started charging money for it. So the grey area is ask for a donation. Anywho a bot is a scripted program as well so yes its the same damn thing.
You are going to ask me well why does say wow allow mods then and i honestly dont know maybe they have a angle but i remember having any mods in that game was a ban we are talking back in the day tho.
After deciphering what it is you just wrote here, I still have no idea what you're getting at. Addons are not bots. There is no argument here. It's just not true.

And Blizzard banned people who used addons? Raiders were using meters in MC.