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02.05.2012 , 11:04 AM | #4
Hi all,

Been experiencing the 4001 error's numerous times today.

Had a router reset earlier today, and afterwards I keep getting disconnected on the hour - precisely. To be more precise every XX.47 I get booted to serverselection, where the error regarding serverlist appears code 4001.

Following, I restart swtor completely, and it says when login on, that my character was disconnected from server - all good - log back on, and an hour later the same happens.

Tried finding the tracert for EU servers, but could'nt find the post - so please inform if if you want a tracert.

No other programs disconnected when I get booted, including but not limited to TS, Avast and nor Skype.

Hope to hear whether it's just me - and please inform if you want any specific information, as technician is running diagnostic on my broadband (just to rule it out) and will contact me monday 10 CET.

Kind regards.