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"The difference between a thug and myself is that a thug cares only about payment, I do what I do for the artistic aspect. The artistic nature that can only be perceived with the mind and all of the information at hand. No-one will ever understand why I do what I do, because if I allow you to understand my machinations, its already far too late for you to try to save yourself. You're already dead."
- Unknown SIS Agent

I'm an operative, some call me a spy, others a sniper or an assassin. Some call me a hunter, a hit woman, a mercenary. I was a product of the Strategic Information Service's Black Operations Group. I have served on every world where there is a legitimate shooting war against the enemies of the Republic - until recently, that is. They left me for dead, an act of disowning operations on Balmorra. This could only happen on Senate authority, the SIS does not leave their own for dead. Yet, I was told no extraction team would arrive to assist me in getting off-world. My handler is on Nar Shaddaa, I'll have to make it there if the Imperial patrols don't get me first.

I have six thousand credits, my sidearm, my carbine and a backpack full of gear for field operations. My to-do list includes getting rid of anything that that could tie me to the republic, and hiding the rest. Worst case scenario, I can always try to negociate my way out of a bad situation should they catch me. The Republic be damned, they left me to rot. Who am I to keep secrets for people who most likely would kill me should I live to make it back home?

I heard there was a CEO on Nar Shaddaa that was looking for someone capable of 'heavy lifting' as they call it. Maybe, instead of visiting my handler first, I'll visit them... just in-case I need to get out of sight in a hurry. First things first, I need a ship to get off of this dustball. The Imperial Headquarters and their starport is about two kilometers down range. Its brimming with vacheads, though. I'll need to be real careful with how I act, I can pull off a good Dromund Kaas accent or so I was told.

I should go with Hutteese, I think. It'll raise less eyebrows, its more common between civillians as its almost universal between traders. The one good thing about SIS training is the amount of languages they teach you to understand and comprehend, and then speak. Maybe I can sneak aboard a cargo shuttle, hopefully to somewhere like Tatooine or even Hutta would be great. At least there I can relax a little and slip back into the shadows. I feel a bit exposed in this crater while I wait for nightfall to make my move. I have a lesser chance of being seen in the starport if most everyone is sleeping and the rest aren't really paying attention because they're tired.
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