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02.04.2012 , 11:17 AM | #143
Astral, remember to take into account that using mass mind control as any kind of assassin in PvP is incredibly useful, you should note this, reason being, im deception, and for example, say i run into a big pit where its nearly 5v5 in a warzone, you should mention that mass mind control should be used to further prevent damage to you allies, and it does nothing to affect you. If anything, id blow it most cooldowns. On top of reducing all your team mates dmg within a certain yardage, you can also gain 2-3, if not 4, more medals doing so, increasing the amount of comms and valor etc, at the end of each match, i make 10-11 medals a match with this ability, i would recommend it to anyone fighting in a big group at times.

And btw, awesome guide, i really enjoyed taking some time to read it

-Daemmon : Deception Assassin - the Shadowlands