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Yes it is completely stupid that we have 2 companions whose customizations we can't access without an authenticator while some like the Sith Warriors get all their companions before us and can access their skins by Belsavis at the latest.

The empty vendor on Ilum (planet, not the orbital station) suggests that we are supposed to be able to buy them there. I have a feeling we will be able to once they stop cashing in on the authenticators. Why put an empty vendor there otherwise?
Nothing wrong to encourage people to protect their accounts.

The smartphone apps are for free and the authenticators are not expensive at all,
google is your friend if you want to know how much.

If you think that your account security, your toons and the fun gametime you had with them is not worth it... all means it is your choice!

I hope you will never have to contact customer service with an issue regarding
security, because that is the reason you should go for an authenticator and not
an appearance kit from the vendor. Even if that is what drives you, you find yourself
in a win-win situation.

Think about it and have a nice day.