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Time to post my character... on the other side!

:General Info:
-Faction: Empire / The Sith

-Name: Vireth Danea (VIE-reth Da-NAY-yah)

-Species: Human

-Current age: 25 Standard Years

-Date of Birth: ~15 BTC

-Personality: Vireth revels in the manipulation of her peers to gain recognition and the favor of her superiors. She will go to almost any length to get what she wants, from sweet-talk and flattery to outright seduction. She carries herself with an air of confidence that could easily be mistaken for arrogance. Any sign of civility or restraint that she shows is but a façade however and will disappear at a moment's notice when refused or backed into a corner, causing her to revert to her true nature: heartless and cruel.

-Combat Experience: She is mainly used by her Sith Masters as a lone operative in intelligence gathering, sabotage or assassination. Her preferred method of completing assignments is the usage of stealth and subterfuge: spying, stealing and killing while remaining undetected. However, when compromised - something that does happen from time to time - she has no issues with engaging her enemies directly. In open combat she seeks to pressure her foes into submission with a relentless barrage of lightsaber strikes performed with the grace and finesse of a dancer.

:Physical Description:
-Height: 172 cm (5'8")

-Weight: 61 kg (~136 lbs)

-Eye color: Dark Side eyes. Example by

-Hair color: Although naturally dirty blonde, she has dyed her hair dark red.

-Facial structure and Hair style: Oval shaped head with a thin nose and full lips. Thin dark eyebrows and black eyeliner. Hair is short and straight with a fringe. Example by

-Skin Color: Very pale. (due to Dark Side corruption)

:Combat Equipment:
-Main Weapons: Dual lightsabers*, red and purple blades respectively.

-Armor: A sneaking suit.*

-Personal Starship: "The Impurity", a Fury-class Imperial Interceptor

-Artist Renditions: Artwork by Adam Brown, Artwork by RiaStarchild, Artwork by Lonelion4ever, Pixelart by Onionman

-Theme song: Grendel - Dirty

Vireth Danea is the daughter of Larsev Danea, a greed filled fallen Jedi who managed to gain control of various small mining facilities on a remote colony world. Through the continued exploitation of the local populace, essentially turning them into slaves, Larsev and his daughter gained much wealth and power, controlling a sizeable chunk of the planet’s industry.

Vireth was instrumental in creating this small but lucrative mining "empire." Trained in the ways of the Force by her father, Vireth used her talents to spy on local communities, bribe Republic and Imperial officials and assassinate the competition’s key personnel. To the teenager, it was all a game and the people were the toys.

Come adolescence, Vireth’s relationship with her father worsens. Much to her father's annoyance, Vireth starts acting on her own, planning and carrying out her own schemes without her father's consent. This constant source of friction causes tensions to rise. Vireth, fearing her father might do away with her, decided to strike first by spiking her father’s drink and killing him with his own lightsaber when he was at his weakest. However, the sudden loss of the organization’s leader caused a power vacuum that many of Larsev’s underlings were eager to fill. Intimidated by the chaos and fearing for her life, she fled, taking her father's lightsaber with her.

Vireth drifted from city to city, planet to planet. A robbery here, a hired hit there, Vireth took oddjobs from many people and mingled with various gangs but she never stayed in one place for long. There was a restlessness inside her, a desire to rid herself of the emptiness she felt inside. Vireth was in a state of personal crisis. She missed her former life. She missed being in a position of power, being wealthy, having the respect of her father’s lackeys and the fear of the miners. No matter how many times Vireth reminded herself that staying with her father was suicide, she could not get over her feelings of regret. After nearly a year of wandering aimlessly, Vireth came to the realization that she could never go back to her old life. Whoever was in charge now would surely have her killed if she ever returned. The only way for her to have her old life back was to either kill the current leader or create a new empire. Vireth knew that in order to do that, she needed to become strong like her father. Only when would she be able to dominate others like he did. There was but one group she knew of that could help her achieve that goal: the Sith. Vireth’s mind was made up; she was determined to become a Sith and use her Sith powers to create a new empire, much bigger and grander than her father's ever was

Having arrived on Korriban, Vireth was met with great disdain. No one was interested in recruiting a poorly trained adolescent when there were plenty of Imperial slaves and fallen Jedi to choose from. There was no way she could use brute force to bludgeon her way into the Academy, she needed to come up with a plan. <More on this coming soon>

Vireth’s diligence paid off. She was now an Acolyte of one of the many instructors at the Sith Academy on Korriban. Over the next six years, Vireth learned much about the Force and the Dark Side. She learned the basics of Ataru and familiarized herself (as best she could) with the internal politics of the Sith as well as galactic politics at large. Lastly, to finalize her transformation from a common thug to a Sith, she constructed her own red-bladed lightsaber.

Although Vireth was officially assigned to serve just a single Sith Overseer, she frequently went behind his back to work for other, sometimes rival Sith Overseers in order to gain as much prestige and recognition as possible. This game she played would not last however...

Vireth's streak of continued betrayal was eventually uncovered. Overnight, her reputation as an exceptional Acolyte changed to being considered less than a slave. Vireth had betrayed not just her own master, but many of the other Sith Overseers as well. True to the vengeful nature of the Sith, her superiors marked her as a target, a pariah other Sith Acolytes could kill for prestige.

The rise and fall of such a promising young acolyte did not go unnoticed, however. Darth Nemous was looking for desperate and downtrodden Sith for a special project. Fitting the bill perfectly, Vireth was recruited by the Sith Lord. She and about a half dozen other failed Acolytes were to (field) test an experimental bio-enhancement suit. This suit would monitor vital functions and, when needed, introduce performance-enhancing chemicals. The Acolytes were told that they were the first of the new type of Sith that would ensure the Empire’s victory in the days to come, but in reality they were little more than slaves. Darth Nemous controlled the young Sith through chemical addiction and if they somehow managed to overcome that, Lord Nemous knew that without him, the other Sith would eat them alive. Darth Nemous created own private army of “loyal” Sith.

The others saw this as the only way to survive, but to Vireth this was an opportunity. Vireth figured that if she played her cards right, she could climb the Sith ranks without having to deal with the Overseers. To her, this could potentially be a shortcut to Apprenticeship. Apprenticeship to an actual Sith Lord no less. Vireth’s goal was clear; she needed to find a way to stand out from the others, to prove her superiority and become her master’s favorite.

<To be continued>

* - Images created and designed by Kyneris
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