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I expect this thread to remain constructive, so if you have a Dark-Side Sith Warrior, and feel apathetic about this request, please think before posting. What we are asking for does not affect you in any way. Thank you in advance for your mature and thoughtful responses.
I figured typing this above quote in my introduction would have kept the "Jaesa only likes bad boys, duh!", "Jaesa romance should be dark side only." posts at bay. Guess not. Silly me for trying to post thread reminders.

Dark Sith Warriors. I'll say it again. This thread, this request, and the multiple "Can we have Jaesa as a Light romance?" threads are nothing for you to worry about. If, "IF", Bioware does eventually add a romance for light Sith, it will not affect your Dark Jaesa in ANY way. They will not take her crazy make up and "Kill kill, now kiss me!" attitude away from you. I promise.

Secondly, I left out a certain part that I didn't think I needed to clarify on. What *is* a Light Sith? Comments like "If you wanna play light, go JK.. lol!" do not fly, and they'll frankly make others disregard your post quicker.

Difference between Light Sith and Light Jedi.

Light Sith: Reason, Compassion, and controlled Emotion

Light Jedi: No Emotion, Selflessness, Peace

The keywords are just small scratches on the surface. The light side of the Force for a Sith is much different. You still belong to an evil empire. You still remain loyal to your superiors and will carry out such objectives, like orbital strikes and sabotaging resources.

You may show mercy, and you may be guided by your conscience.. but the Republic is still your enemy. Jedi are still your sworn enemies for as long as you are titled a Sith Apprentice, Lord, Darth etc. The most you can do is show your enemy respect. The choice to spare their lives requires more strength than executing them.

Emotions that inspire compassion and trust, like love, are the golden highlights of everything a Light Sith represents. Telling us that because we are Light, we shouldn't be romantically involved easily contradicts the whole reason Vette is a light-inspiring romance.