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12.13.2011 , 09:48 AM | #5
I think you are all crazy and trying to make something into nothing. Takes from the game... This game like all things in life will be what YOU make of it. Not ruined or great because of some dungeon finder. If I had a dungeon finder would it take from exploration. Hell no I would explore while I waited for the que. Should the dungeon finder be cross server? YES that was a stupid question if you ask me. More people = faster ques = more people wanting to play over the couple of antagonists that say otherwise. Its funny to me to watch people try and turn ridiculous points of personal preference into fact. In case non of you who are apposed to the easier dungeon systems have noticed. Its an MMO that means bigger than you and your little brood. If you dont like games where you cant always be the big fish maybe you should stop playing MMO's

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