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No. I'm sick of people thinking franchises need to be "darker and edgier" to be better. Because that worked out so well for Enterprise and Stargate Universe, didn't it?
Becoming edgier isn't what made Stargate Universe and Enterprise bad, it was boring writing and stories.

Need we bring up The Dark Knight for an example of going darker and becoming FAR SUPERIOR. That's a movie that is, at it's heart, a comic book movie that film classes are already using in analysis projects because of how deep the actual societal commentary runs through the movie.

Or Battlestar Galactica.

Or Song of Ice and Fire (not a remake, but it's "fantasy for adults" with themes and content that I, as a 28 year old, find interesting. Dragonglance and LotR were awesome when I was 13, but at 28 I doubt I could make it through LotR without getting bored.)

I'm not asking for edgy.

I'm asking for brutality.

At the end of days the dragon stands tall and with limitless rage it illuminates all.