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Quote: Originally Posted by ammberae View Post
AWESOME! I love your art style!
Thanks a lot Glad you like it :3

Quote: Originally Posted by Evolvana View Post
Not bad at all! I like your character designs! ^^ and the Wrath drake is my favorite because I like dragons

Yes some people think that the drawing skill comes from the sky and that we are born with it, they don't understand it takes years to improve ^^ keep up the good work.
Hehhe thanks ^^ Dragons are my fave too :3 Saved the theme for some time when I was able to draw one well =)
Eh, yea, most people forget that art also needs time and practise to function normally :P

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Gorgeous! And your anatomy in the pictures on this page is great.

Looking forward to seeing more!
Aww thanks a lot for the compliment ^^
Most likely I'll post one work and the work in progress phases of it in the weekend =)

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Ah, another artist who makes me wish I had an inkling of artistic talent.

Love your work though, can't wait to see the others coming up!
Thanks Well, everybody has its own talent ^^ I'm good at drawing but suck really bad at economyc studies and math for example :P
More will come shortly in the weekend :3

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I can't wait to see final work for that commission You are doing ^.^ *tries to sit patiently like a good girl... but fails miserably*
Hehe ^^
Most likely I'll be able to make your commission in the weekend I think :3 At least I'm aiming for that =) Have some nice ideas for it

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I remember your thread! I seriously love that Alexandria picture you did. It's so awesomely done. Her face is so pretty and the pose and clothing and everything is seriously perfect!

Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing the other art pieces that you finish!
Thanks a lot I like how That smuggler girl turned out too ^^
Most likely you will see some work from me in the near future =)