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12.15.2011 , 01:16 AM | #33
Hello everyone just wanted to try adding a little something to the Bane story that I found interesting. Now I'm not a dedicated Star Wars fan don't hurt me! I love what I've seen and played but haven't read any of the books etc. For my little curious venture into this topic.

In KOTOR I when Revan is accessing the star map on Kashyyyk he has to answer a few questions. One of them being something a long the lines of "You know of an incoming attack 2 weeks before it happens but the sith have grown complacent or disillusioned of their lord what do you do?" one of the answers and the one to choose for dark side is to let the attack happen.

Now is it possible this was Banes true motivation? To weaken the Sith putting them in "the hurt locker" so they could continue to become stronger I mean once you conquer the galaxy whats left but to deteriorate into ruin? and the reason Bane came up with the rule of 2 was so the empire would run into more chaotic encounters inevitably making the 2 sith and the empire stronger?

Just something I was curious about while reading these excellent posts!

Much <3