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Most people make the mistake of thinking that anything after Zahn is canon of any level. It's not EU-Expanded AU-Alternate Universe. There were some good stories after Zahn, but most of it is garbage.

I have heard there is a Leelandchee, some kind of canon device. The solution is simple, declare everything after the Thrawn trilogy to be AU-Alternate Universe, and start over.

Write out a MAIN story arc, that makes sense, which doesn't include the galactic government changing hands between the Empire, the Alliance, and magic aliens every few months.

Then, allow authors to write approved stories that do not damage the main arc. We don't need dozens of Death stars, system killers, planet eaters, ect. Let's say a new sith order arises, with dozens/hundreds of sith lords to combat Luke's new order of Jedi. A Star Wars story can be very interesting on a planetary scale, you don't have to alter the course of the galaxy in every paragraph.

Take the Batman stories for example. Batman mostly just does his thing in Gotham city. Sure, Superman is off fighting Galactic scale enemies, but does that make the story of Batman hunting down some psychotic murderer any less interesting or compelling? Let Luke be superman, surely there is enough room in the galaxy for a few Batmans?
The comics do that to some extent... LEGACY was pretty galaxy-altering, but KOTOR was focused more on a small group of characters while the galaxy entered into the Mandalorian Wars around them regardless of their actions. Not sure how Knight Errant is handling things, but Agent of the Empire seems small-scale so far (I only have #1), and the Rogue Squadron comics were usually focused on a single mission restricted to one system, not planet-hopping galaxy-saving from superweapons like DE and most of the post-Thrawn books had.

But I'd also kinda like a reboot of the post-Thrawn EU, too; get Mara & Luke together earlier, so Ben's not some baby when the Solo kids are practically adults; no Sith armies, at least not for awhile (LEGACY already has that covered, albeit with the annoying Maul-tat fetish), so the Skywalker victory over the Sith could have some lasting impact... but clashes with other cultures' beliefs in & uses of the Force, perhaps, while a fringe/lost Sith element slowly builds up. Some Jedi splinter groups similar to what Corran Horn encountered in "I, Jedi", maybe some that break off from Luke's order and do their own thing and clash with Luke's order and the Republic without necessarily going full-on 'dark side' and/or 'evil'.